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the borderlands

there's a place, you know. this place, right on the edge. neither light, nor dark. you can see through the pitch black and know what's waiting for you, but you aren't scared. never scared anymore. nothing to fear. and on the other side, everything else. everything you dreamed of. everything perfect and glowing and serene. but you can't choose. you're walking the rim of the moon, and she refuses to choose.

jerkface confuses me. not jerkface, him, but the word. it loses me. but so much does. I'm walking this line and asking: what will you choose, little girl? but we both know the answer. you turn around and step backwards into the - what if you keep walking the line. eventually the earth rotates and you cannot run at the speed of one thousand and sixty kilometres per hour, can you?

I feel that I should make the last hole myself - seventeen is a good number. wholesome. wholly. I'm starting to feel cold in the morning, coffee-starved and blank-eyed, but I'm sure I can hold on. it's an art I'm well-practiced at.

my sister wrote to me, and my smile was real.
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