katy. (aletheianink) wrote,

close your eyes & fall back with me. 

where we are going there is no
wait. stop. 
beneath your stained fingers and bloody toes, under your softened mattress that smells like sweat and myrrh, open your secret locket and tell me where you will die.

there's a little girl in a plain white dress standing next to the lake where the fish once swum. the cat has wandered off and laughter echoes in the background but she sees only water and earth and sky. forever, forever it stretches, and she cannot see that far. toes in the water, artemis calls to her, beckoning her to leave the safety of her torture chamber. the light refracts; she splits in two. 

{can't stop what's coming}
on the very edges of space, where photons dance a slow waltz and nothing exists, there is a place called home. from the front window you can see the lawn of stars mottled in patches of blue and green, orbs of close planets like miranda and ariel hanging like lights from the limbs of darkness. in the mornings it is evening, and at dusk we embrace the day, and everything never changes and is always something else. death visits on tuesdays to feed the cats and sometimes he lets me sit on his bony knees or try on his cowl if I promise to close my eyes. the witch down the hall is young and pretty with long white hair and a blush on her cheeks - we swap recipes and kiss under the full moon at four a.m. when I go to sleep I crawl into my little river and wake up a girl on the bank.

Tags: carbon-made, don't breathe, for carolyn's radiant soul, little sister, writing
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